Apr 302020

On March 20th, the Bulgarian Government closed its borders for all non EU Members and their families.

The Bulgarian Government extended the Lockdown until May 13th.

These measures are expected to be eased after that date as the number of cases of COVID 19 are beginning to reduce.

As a result of COVID 19 measures the majority of property transactions in Bulgaria have been put on pause.

Property Prices in Bulgaria due to COVID 19 are currently unknown but we should expect a reduction in the region of 10%.

With Non EU members making up a large percentage of Buyers in Bulgaria.

This exclusion has had a serious but temporary impact on the completion of property sales.

On a positive note, the number of online enquiries is greatly up on the same period in 2019.

This in itself is not definitive but it is certainly encouraging.

Property Prices in Bulgaria due to COVID 19 have been negatively impacted.

The level of interest in purchasing a holiday home in Bulgaria remains very strong.

We credit this mainly to the following points.

  1. Holiday Homes in Bulgaria offer the best value for money per m2 in Europe.
  2. We are seeing a large number of people wanting to own their own Holiday Home for the future instead of using hotels.

In conclusion, the long term impact on Property Prices in Bulgaria due to COVID 19 will be neutral.

If you are considering purchasing a property in Bulgaria.

If you would like a current market valuation for your existing property in Bulgaria.

Please Contact Us.

Oct 262016

Property for Sale in Bulgaria

Property for Sale in Bulgaria

Placing a Property for Sale in Bulgaria is made very easy with Appreciating Assets.

The first step in Placing a Property for Sale in Bulgaria is to provide you with a free current market valuation which is based on comparing your property with similar properties which have recently sold and with those currently for sale. This valuation of your property in Bulgaria will act as guide in terms of the asking price for your property.


By having an accurate valuation it will give you the necessary information to decide if you are happy to place your property for sale at that time. If the current values are not acceptable to you, at least you will have the confidence to know that you are making an informed decision regarding your asking price.

The Next Step

Once you have settled on the asking price and instructed Appreciating Assets to place your property for sale. It will then inform its network of agents throughout Bulgaria, Russia and Europe to begin the process of finding you a Buyer for your Bulgarian property.

Now that you have placed your property for sale in Bulgaria with Appreciating Assets, its agents will prepare the online adverts for your approval. Based on experience the most successful website to date in generating interest for properties in Bulgaria has beenwww.rightmove.co.uk and its own website www.appreciatingassets.ie.

These websites complement each other very well. Rightmove is currently receiving over 80,000 visits for Bulgarian property every month and with Appreciating Assets having its Bulgarian properties prominently advertised on Rightmove, this brings a high volume of those interested searches back to www.appreciatingassets.ie.

The Final Step

Bulgarian Properties Sold

Bulgarian Properties Sold

Appreciating Assets and its network of agents will work with potential purchasers to secure a suitable offer for your property and will bring those offers to you for your consideration. Our agents will at all times be available throughout the process to give you their opinion on offers and to assist you with your property.


Whether you are Buying or Selling a property in Bulgaria, Appreciating Assets and its agents are there to assist you every step of the way.

If you are considering buying or selling property in Bulgaria please contact Appreciating Assets and one of our agents will be very happy to provide you with a free current market valuation including a simple guide to the process.