Apr 302020

On March 20th, the Bulgarian Government closed its borders for all non EU Members and their families.

The Bulgarian Government extended the Lockdown until May 13th.

These measures are expected to be eased after that date as the number of cases of COVID 19 are beginning to reduce.

As a result of COVID 19 measures the majority of property transactions in Bulgaria have been put on pause.

Property Prices in Bulgaria due to COVID 19 are currently unknown but we should expect a reduction in the region of 10%.

With Non EU members making up a large percentage of Buyers in Bulgaria.

This exclusion has had a serious but temporary impact on the completion of property sales.

On a positive note, the number of online enquiries is greatly up on the same period in 2019.

This in itself is not definitive but it is certainly encouraging.

Property Prices in Bulgaria due to COVID 19 have been negatively impacted.

The level of interest in purchasing a holiday home in Bulgaria remains very strong.

We credit this mainly to the following points.

  1. Holiday Homes in Bulgaria offer the best value for money per m2 in Europe.
  2. We are seeing a large number of people wanting to own their own Holiday Home for the future instead of using hotels.

In conclusion, the long term impact on Property Prices in Bulgaria due to COVID 19 will be neutral.

If you are considering purchasing a property in Bulgaria.

If you would like a current market valuation for your existing property in Bulgaria.

Please Contact Us.

Apr 272020

Selling Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria in 2020 is very possible despite the current restrictions (April 2020) related to Covid 19.

Buyers this year will be very focused on securing a property in one trip.

Sunny Beach Bulgaria has beautiful beaches, 5 star resorts and is located just 20 mins from Burgas International Airport.

Resort owners are offering exceptional deals and packages to encourage holiday makers and investors to visit the region during summer 2020.

We have already been selling property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria in 2020.

Many of these sales have taken place before the COVID 19 outbreak. However, we still receive a high number of enquiries from Buyers seeking to arrange viewings when the restrictions end.

To date, the most popular properties have been large one and two bedroom apartments.

Developments which function all year round are becoming more preferable with Buyers.

Flights into Burgas are due to commence again by mid to late May.

Many of the Air lines which provide services to Bulgaria have confirmed that they expect to be operational.

Some of these airlines include Aer Lingus, Ryan Air, Jet 2, Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot

Sellers of property in Sunny Beach should expect to negotiate with serious Buyers.

Discounts on current asking prices will be expected and are advised if within reason.

We alway request Buyers to provide proof of funds before we relay the offer to the Seller.

This is an to an excellent way to establish how committed the Buyers are.

Serious Buyers are more than happy to demonstrate their ability complete.

Once a proof of funding has been provided we can at least advise our client that a sale is possible if they accept the offer.

In conclusion, Selling Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria in 2020 is very possible as long as all parties remain realistic.

We will be happy to provide you with a Free valuation of your property which will reflect the current market.

To discuss Buying or Selling propery in Sunny Beach Bulgaria please contact us.

Jul 022018

Selling Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria is a very simple process if you appoint the right agent to represent you.

Appreciating Assets have been Selling Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria for Irish and British owners since 2008. During this time we have found buyers for over 1,500 properties and this number continues to grow every week.

During the last 10 years of Selling Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria we have learned a great deal about the market and the reasons why people buy and sell in Sunny Beach.

Front line properties in Sunny Beach are always in demand and those with sea views will sell quickly, providing that they are at the right price

Some of most popular resorts in Sunny Beach are Poseidon, Palazzo 1 & 2, Sunny Day 1,2,3,4, Holiday Fort Club, Trakia Plaza, Barcelo Royal Beach Club, Sea Dreams, Summer Dreams, Royal Dreams, and Yassen.

The most popular properties with Buyers in Sunny Beach at the present time are Studios and One bedroom apartments. Two bedrooms are selling well but they must be at the correct price.

The main reason for this is that the budgets buyers are coming with are smaller than in previous years and this trend has been in place since the collapse of the Russian Rouble in 2014.

To Sell Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria in 2018 will be achieved by placing your property for sale at a price that reflects the current market.

To sell your property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria please Contact Us.