Mar 092018

At Appreciating Assets we have been carefully studying the market in recent months to monitor the real effect of the weakening Russian rouble on the Bulgarian property market.

December 16th 2014 saw the rouble at its weakest against the euro but thankfully it began to strengthen again following that day.

The market for Appreciating Assets property sales in Bulgaria continues to be strong despite the currency fluctuations for a number of reasons, not least of which is the continued demand for Bulgarian Property from Russian investors. While it is true to say that the Russian economy is not as strong as it was 12-24 months ago, we must remember that Russia has a population of over 140 million people and much like Ireland or the UK from 2009 to date there are still a very large number of people with money and the majority of those people in Russia are seeking investments outside of Russia.

The approach of Appreciating Assets property sales in Bulgaria remains the same today as it did when we first started selling Bulgarian properties almost ten years ago. Property sales in Bulgaria are made by professional agents who have built a solid reputation within the market for offering quality properties at competitive prices. Appreciating Assets property sales in Bulgaria offer just that. The first step to any sale is when a Vendor contacts us with a view to selling their property in Bulgaria. We then value the property by having our local offices in Bulgaria carefully compare this property with similar properties that have recently sold or that are currently for sale. By using this comparison method we are then in the position to advise our client as to the highest price we feel the property can achieve if brought to the market at that time. Once we are in agreement with the Vendor as to the asking price for the property we then place the property on the market for sale.

When selling property in Bulgaria we use a tried and tested mix of on-line and traditional media marketing to gain the attention of potential Buyers for our clients properties. We also distribute the details of our properties to an extensive network of Estate Agents throughout Bulgaria and Russia who in turn bring them to the attention of their own client data base.

When a Buyer is found for our clients property we can handle the entire process for them or we will work with any legal representative they appoint.

Please do be aware that the Bulgarian property market is still suffering from an oversupply and as such sales do take time and miracles such as a really high price in within a week rarely happen so please do be realistic.

If you own a property in Bulgaria that you are considering selling Appreciating Assets can sell it for you.

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